Flat Lashes or Ellipse Lashes give the illusion of a darker, thicker looking lash as they are flattened to make them look thicker from the front. 
They offer great retention as theres more bonding area to the natural lash. 

 They weigh the same as a regular 0.15 thickness of lash, so they as long as you choose the correct length for your client who can handle a regular 0.15, they wont overload the natural lash.

SOFT MATTE - these are still flat lashes, but are more natural than our regular option. They have a split tip and are Matte, so give a softer finish

REGULAR - these give a bit of a shinier fake look and look a little more plasticy (which some clients love if they want the dark & noticeable look)

These are available in a mixed legnth tray with legths from 8-13mm
Single lengths coming soon!
High quality eyelash extensions made of PBT fibres - black
16 rows per tray
Easy to peel from strip
Cruelty free
Length size, curl and thickness written on each strip
Each box contains
2 x 8mm rows
3 x 9mm rows
3 x 10mm rows
3 x 11mm rows
3 x 12mm rows
2 x 13mm rows
The tray they come in may differ from previous orders, due to lack of some product availability from suppliers. But rest assured the products are still as high quality as always. 

We will be expanding our range of lashes, so if there is something you would like to see, please pop us a message - we are here for YOU! xx
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FLAT (Ellipse) Classic Eyelash Extensions


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