This is a must for every lash tech. 

Our gorgeous Rose Gold & White, re-chargeable Nano Mister, is perfect for using at the end of a lash extension treatment. Using a Nano Mister will help the adhesive cure quickly. It will reduce the fumes and allow for a more comfortable finish to the treatment by soothing and refreshing the clients eyes. It’s perfect to use when your humidity is low as adhesive needs moisture to cure. 

Includes USB charger 

To use, simply charge, fill the tank with distilled water, and slide to operate. Spray on to client from 30cm and move from eye to eye for approx 20 seconds. 

You MUST use Distilled water with a nano-mister as it’s purified and will not clog the filter. Tap water will clog the filter and quickly damage the product and stop it from working. 

- ensure the nano mister is fully charged before using
- ensure there is water in the tank before switching on and also check there is enough water in there whilst using 
- only use distilled water
- empty tank at end of each day 
- DO NOT get nano mister wet. It is not a waterproof product

Nano Mister