Introducing not 1, not 2, but THREE Adhesives to the #Frecklefam

3 options available
🖤 Freckle Boss Fast-Fix Black 0.5-1 second
Very quick bonding for experienced last artists who work at a fast pace. A favourite for volume/mega volume lash techs. Great for lower humidities due to its thin consistency and fast setting speed 

🧡 Freckle Boss Black 1-2 second
A quick bonding adhesive suitable for both beginners and experienced lash artists. Slightly slower setting but still quick. This is our most popular option and used by many across the UK. 

💜 Freckle Boss Clear 1-2 second 
My personal favourite! I love a clear adhesive and have always preferred a slightly slower setting adhesive. Suitable for experience lash stylists who are confident with their adhesive pick-up. Great for brown and coloured lash work too. 
Our clear adhesive has a slight pink tinge to it. This is normal and just helps it be more viaible when picking it up, but will not be visible during use. 
Please note* there is a mistake on the ingredients which states there carbon black. To confirm - there is NO carbon black ingredient in our clear adhesive. This will be updated on our next batch. Apologies for any confusion.  

All of our adhesives work best within 
- 40-70% humidity range 
- 20-25 degree temp.
This doesn’t mean they won’t work well outside of these ranges, but you may need to adapt how you use them for best results. 

All bottles are internally sealed - so you will need to use the pin to pierce it the first time you use it. This provides ultra fresh adhesive until it’s opened. 

For best results, discard and replace 6 weeks after opening.  

Patch testing advised at least 48hrs in advance by applying a small amount of adhesive or a few extensions to the natural lashes. Never to the skin. 

- 5ml bottle 
- Keep out of reach of children
- Secure cap tightly and store upright in a cool dark place (we recommend our adhesive storage tank for best results)
- Do not allow contact with cotton based products 
- Do not allow direct contact with skin or eyes 
- For professional use only
- Always wear a mask when lashing (minimum FFP3 or equivalent)
- Keep your working area ventilated 
- replace every 6 weeks once opened, to ensure your adhesive is working at its optimum level
- Incase of contact with eye, flush with water immediately and seek medical advice
- Always patch test at least 48hrs in advance and if you’ve not seen client for more than 6 months, or if there is a change to their medical history. 
- To patch test… Apply a few extensions to each eye. Never apply to skin

Freckle Boss Lash Adhesive