10g Cream Remover to remove Eyelash Extensions Our soft cream/gelremover, is much easier to work with for more precision application. (In comparison to liquid removers which are easy to get in to the clients eyes)



Ensure clients eyes are closed during entire process.

Cover lower lashes will gel pad if preferred, to protect the skin

Apply a small amount to the root of the lashes, using 2 microbrushes (one underneath and one on top, to ensure the root of the lash is coated)

Leave product to work for around 10 minutes, before gently stroking the lashes from root to tip, to remove them.

At no point should the lashes be tugged or pulled at.

Allow the product to do the work.

Repeat steps if needed.

Wipe clients eyes with damp cotton pads to remove remaining traces of product before opening their eyes.


FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY By purchasing this product, you are confirming you hold a valid qualifcation in eyelash extensions and have adqequate insurance.

Cream Remover for Eyelash Extensions 10g