One of the FIRST UK lash suppliers offering this product!

16 rows - large trays. Best value for money and highest quality available. You will not be disappointed by cheap quality and small trays. 

YY lashes are applied in the same way as a classic lash extension (1:1)
But the shape of the YY lash creates a messy, strip lash look at the same time as giving more coverage. 

A new alternative for clients that’s gonna make heads turn, for all the right reasons!!

Mixed lengths 8-13mm
Cardboard trays 
16 rows
C curl or D curl 
Mixed and single length trays available 
4 x 0.07 lashes = 1 x YY lash (only suitable for clients who can support 1 x 0.15 classic lash)

*please note the curl my not seem as strong as regular single lashes due to the shape of the YY, but in comparison to one another the D is curlier than a C, the same as regular lashes would be.

YY Eyelash Extensions