7.5ml brush-on Strip Lash Adhesive
Latex free.  

Buy 5 for discounts
Apply thin layer to strip lash band, allow to go tacky for around 10 seconds before applying the lash to the eyelid. As it’s not latex based, it’s a different consistency and needs a little longer time get tacky, than some latex based adhesives. 

We strongly advise patch testing the adhesive on the skin behind the ear, at least 24hrs in advance to ensure no sensitivity or allergy. If you experience itching, redness, rash, swelling, blistering or any other type of irritation or discomfort, please discontinue use and get medical advise from your GP or pharmacist. 
If you’re a make-up artist or looking to buy our strip lashes and or adhesive in bulk (minimum of 5), please pop us a message for exclusive discounts.

Freckle Strip Lash Adhesive