High quality eyelash extensions made of PBT fibres - black
0.07 contain 4 rows mixed lengths - black only 
0.15 contain 4 rows mixed lengths - black only
0.03 contain 6 rows mixed lengths - black only

NEW - mixed sample contains
1 x 0.03 D 11mm
1 x 0.07 C 11mm
1 x 0.15 C 11mm
1 x 0.15 D Flat Lash 11mm
1 x 0.07 C brown lash 

Easy to peel from strip
Cruelty free
Length size, curl and thickness written on each strip
These are for new clients to try our products before they buy.
These are still limited to 1 per person per option. If more than one of each are added to basket, only one packet of each will be sent. 

Please be kind and understand that we still have to pay for these samples, and they’re intended for genuine lash artists to try before they buy, so they are at a reduced price and we do not make profit on these. 
Our range of lashes, so if there is something you would like to see, please pop us a message - we are here for YOU! xx
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SAMPLE Lash Mini Tray


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