Our large pre-made fan trays have a mix of 3D, 4D & 5D fans as well as a mix of lengths. 
2 x rows 8mm 3D (40 fans per row)
3 x rows 9mm 4D (20 fans per row)
3 x rows 10mm 5D (20 fans per row)
3 x rows 11mm 5D (20 fans per row)
3 x rows 12mm 5D (20 fans per row)
2 x rows 13mm 4D (20 fans per row)
Total of 360 fans 

Length and fan size is written on each strip for quick referral. 

Please note each fan is hand made so there may be some slight variation in terms of fan width. This is usually minor if at all.
It’s important to pull the fan gently towards to ensure the fan doesn’t split when picked from strip. 
Curved tweezers work well for this method. We will always ensure we only supply fans which are safe to use on the natural lashes. 

These equate to nothing heavier than a 0.15 classic lash. If your client requires a 0.12 Classic lash, we would recommend nothing more than a 3D 0.07 fan. 

Feel free to pop us a message if you’re unsure.

Large Pre-Made Fans - mixed length & fan size