We are super excited to introduce ‘The Lash Adhesive Bible’ by Tania Withers and The Beauty Training Group.


This 40 page, full colour PDF is packed full of detailed information about Lash Adhesive.


Sounds boring? But think about it... Lash Adhesive is possibly our most important tool when it comes to the eyelash extension treatment. The chances are you weren’t taught in detail about lash adhesive on your training course, mainly due to the vast amount of information we have to teach you regarding everything else too!


The Lash Adhesive Bible will help you...

- understand how adhesive works,

- why you may experience issues with it

- how you can improve retention

- how to adapt how you use it to make it work for you

- cleansing and prepping

- reactions and sensitivities

- protecting your client and yourself

- patch testing

- consultations and so much more!


I often see Lash Techs complaining about their adhesives not working well. Sometimes they even slate certain brands if they experience difficulty with it. 9 times out of 10, it can be user error that is the problem. That usually stems from lack of education regarding the product itself. I have put as much information together, in an easy-to-read format, about Lash Adhesive, to help you improve your treatment and knowledge.


Every purchase will come with a certificate of acknowledgment, which is a great addition to your portfolio, and demonstrates that you are continuing to increase your knowledge and education.



Your certificate will be emailed to you shortly after your purchase, so please ensure you spell your name and email address correctly at checkout.

Ebook - The Lash Adhesive Bible