Half the price - double the product!

We have switched from our step 3 sachets to a 10ml bottle of castor oil. 

This is a natural product which nourishes the hairs and can encourage hair growth. We have decided to move towards castor oil after trialling this ourselves for many months and seeing the benefits. It also reduces the need for another chemical product to be used on the skin. 

This will last you much longer than the sachet as can be kept airtight with the lid replaced. The cap is also child proof. 
Use this product to remove left over tackiness from the adhesive, and to nourish the brows to improve moisture that can be lost during the lamination processs. Apply a small amount to the brows and comb through after tinting and leave

We also have roller ball options to retail to clients after the treatment. 
Patch testing is not required with this product unless the client has any other skin sensitivities or concerns. Although there are no nuts in this product, the manufacturer states they cannot guarantee it’s been produced in a factory that is free from nuts. So we would recommend informing nut allergy sufferers of this information. PRIOR to use. 

Brow Lamination - Step 3 - 10ml