The LASH BOSS Conference


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Organiser of Lash Boss Conference, Multiple Business Owner, Educator, Mentor & Competition Judge

WORKHOP HOST - Pre-made & Hybrid Lashes

Tania is the proud owner of several successful companies within the Beauty Industry, which include a Training Academy, Products Supplies and Events, plus two salons in Plymouth, Devon.

Tania entered the Beauty Industry in 2011 with zero experience, after 9yrs in the Leisure Industry. She quickly fell in love with Lashing and knew this would be a long term passion.

With an incredible amount of determination, Tania is a knowledgeable, passionate and approachable individual who is renown for ongoing support and sound advice. She is determined to raise the industry standards and provide Lash Artists with the tools that they deserve and need.

She has expanded from single-handedly working from home alone, to building one of the most successful salons in Devon with a talented team of 8, Tania launched her Training Academy in 2014 and now has a team of 8 Educators at locations across the UK delivering her courses.

Tania has a great business mind and enjoys supporting others on their journey. She is often approached by those looking to grow their business an she thrives on supporting and guiding others, to help them reach their full potential and goals.

Aside from Lashing itself, building others knowledge, confidence and skills is what Tania is most passionate about. She is excited to be bringing the Lash Boss Conference to the South West and hopes for this to become a regular event.



Co-Organiser of Lash Boss Conference, Award Winning Lash Artist

WORKHOP HOST - Layering & Taping Methods

Emily has been lashing since 2013 when she decided to take a career change from the Military, to work around her new family. She now lashes full time both at home and within Tania's salon in Plymouth. 

Constantly updating her skills and learning new techniques, Emily attends training, workshops and events regularly, to keep up with the ever changing industry. Emily is supporting Tania with organising the Lash Boss Conference and is excited to be a part of such a fantastic event that should be a huge hit in the South West.

Emily was award 1st Place in the Expert Classic Lash Category in the Lash Master Evolution competition in March 2020.

Emily will be hosting a workshop and covering Layering & Taping Methods. This workshop is a must for all lash techs struggling the get that full look, by lashing every single lash, on every layer.

"Lashes are my passion. To me, its not work, its my life and I want to share that with everyone! Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life"

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Head of Marketing at Lash Base 

EVENT SPEAKER - Topic to be confirmed

Most of you will know Jamie from Instagram and Facebook with his cool and quirky videos and endless, unbiased information and help that he offers to the industry. He also isn't afraid to discuss his 'unpopoular opinion' which sparks some great conversations on hot topics.

As Head of Marketing for Lash Base, Jamie has helped grow the business to produce and incredible turnover of 6 million, with no signs of slowing down! Jamie focuses on Social Media, Google and Email Marketing and is know for his passion and fun personality. 

He has become a well respected figure within our fast growing industry. Jamie writes for several magazines and does regular interviews for Pod Casts and Instagram Live's

Jamie will be doing a talk during the event and will 100% have you engaged and ensure you leave feeling motivated and inspired.

Jamie's topic will be confirmed a little closer to the date, as he likes to ensure it is relevant to whats happening around the time of the event.

You can follow Jamie on Instagram here

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Owner of Ultimate Group, International Speaker, Judge

WORKSHOP HOST - Lash Lift Styling

Leanne is an International Speaker at a variety of large Lash Events and has judged many competitions within her time in the industry.

She is the owner of the Ultimate Group and has Educators all over the world teaching her courses. She also has her own brand of Lash Lift and Lash products.

Leanne will be hosting a workshop on Lash Lift Styling! Something that is quite new to our industry. She will be demonstrating how you can create different stylings with Lash Lifting using C, L and I rods. Leanne will explain which rod suits each client to create the most effective treatment for each of them.

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Advanced Lash Master, Educator for The Beauty Training Group

WORKSHOP HOST - Inners and Outers

Siobhan has over 8yrs hands-on experience in the Lash Industry and still lashes full time, alongside teaching for The Beauty Training Group.

She is passionate about all things lash and brow related and boasts a huge, loyal client base because of her experience and skill set.

Siobhan will be covering 'inners and outers' in her workshop, something most lash techs will appreciate that is an absolute art to master! Let Siobhan share with you her amazing techniques, to help make these areas less of a chore.

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Arianne Angove.jpg


Multi-Award Winning Last Artist, Event Organiser,

Head of Education at Lash Base

EVENT SPEAKER - Topic to be confirmed


Arianne is a multi-award winning Lash Artist, as Lash Business Educator and Mentor and Events host, as well as the Head of Education for Lash Base.

Along with that, she also is a busy mum of 2 and likes to empower others to achieve their goals.

Arianne is excited to be hosting a Workshop in Texturing, which will help you understand different ways to use textures within lash sets. From Kim K and spikes to wispy hybrids.

Arianne will also be speaking at the event, details of her topic will be confirmed closer to the date, but you will not be disappointed.

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Active Eyelash Extension Expert, Judge, Mentor, Workshop Host and Brand Ambassador for London Lash Pro.

Owner of lash & brow studio in Cardiff in South Wales.


Despite holding a BA degree in Political Science, her passion for beauty was stronger than anything that she decided to change her career path and become a lash artist. 


Dominika began her career in 2016, has trained, and continues to train with some of the most talented eyelash extension artists around the world, constantly improving her skills.

In just 3 years she completed several training courses, gained acquired experience and placed multiple times in international competitions furthermore her work has been featured in well known beauty magazines and her volume styling recognized by many top lash masters. 

She strongly believes that hard work, patience, professional attitude and believing in yourself is the key to achieve the success. She has been living by a quote from Confucius: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


Dominika will be hosting a workshop on Eye Styling.

Styling is one of the most important parts of eyelash extensions as they should compliment the clients eyes and enhance their natural beauty. If styling is chosen incorrectly, we cant expect to have returning clients and the whole treatment will lose its value and magic.


Every lash stylist who is passionate about their job should know that the most beautiful and flawless outcomes are created by using correct eye styling and mapping.


-1st Place in Light Volume Master Level, Lash Inc - Lash Artist of the Year 2018 

-3rd Place in Light Volume  Expert Level, Tokyo Lash Competition 2019 

-Lash Stylist of the month winner, Villa Menzi September 2019 

-3rd Place in Colour Lashes Expert Level, Universe Champions Spain 2019  

-1st Place In Mega Volume Expert Level, Best of the best Nederland 2019 Explert Level 

-Workshop host at “Events by Always Bonita Beauty” September 2019

-1st Place in Mega Volume Expert Level, Lash Folklore Mexico January 2020

1st Place in Mega Volume, Ole Lashes, Spain, April 2020 

-1st Place Mega Volume World Lash University May 2020

-Special Judge Award , World Lash University 2020 “best work the of the competition” by Genevieve Hickin

-Workshop Host at Lash Boss Conference, Plymouth  February 2021

-Workshop host at Ultra Beauty Conference Leeds March 2021

-Judge at The Lash Social Competition September 2020 - Volume Category

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Founder & Editor of Lash-Ed Magazine, Founder of Behind the Mask Campaign, Co-Founder/Organiser of World Lash University & Educator

EVENT SPEAKER - Behind The Mask

Using a wealth of professional and personal experience, Julie created a free online training programme for Hair & Beaut professionals, called Behind the Mask.

Launched in 2019, the training guides on how to spot the signed that someone is experiencing Domestic Abuse and how the could respond in the best way.


As a speaker at the event, Julie will be talking about how you could help to change or save a life.

In her spare time, she is a regular speaker for a major UK Women's Development Programme and facilitates work-life balance coaching sessions and Menopause awareness sessions. 

She is delighted to have been invited to talk about Behind the Mask and cant wait to join us at the Lash Boss Conference.

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Follow Behind the Mask here

Laura Bell.jpg


Owner of Laura Bell Lash Supplies, Salon and Academy

WORKSHOP HOST - Building a Brand

An award winning Lash Artist and Trainer, Laura Bell has been in the Beauty Industry for over 20yrs. She completed her first Eyelash Extension course in 2005 and since has watched this increasingly popular beauty business evolve.

Laura has worked incredibly hard to build awareness of her businesses and will be hosting a workshop on 'Building a Brand'

This is sure to be useful for those trying to build awareness of their own brand and business. Laura will be sharing some fantastic hints, tips and guidance to help set you on the right path for success.

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Shoned Owen.jpg


Founder and CEO of Tanya Whitebits,

EVENT SPEAKER - Topic to be confirmed

Founder and CEO of Tanya Whitebits, Welsh-native Shoned Owen had always been interested in the Beauty industry, particularly tanning since her teens. She used sun beds throughout her twenties until the dangers of skin cancer and premature skin ageing converted her to self tanning products.

In 2012 she attended an accredited Spray Tanning Course. She did this in order to boost her income and set herself up as a mobile tanning technician, a Mumpreneur so to speak. It fitted in perfectly around her work and children “I enjoyed having control over when I was working and how much I was earning!” Shoned became an expert in spray tanning also qualifying in 3D contour tanning.

Tanya Whitebits began life as a Professional Tanning Solution back in 2013 after Shoned became disillusioned with what was available in the tanning industry at the time.

Shoned began to explore the formulation of self tan in 2013.


Determined to remove all the barriers that were normally associated with fake tannning, her focus came to reality in the creation of Tanya Whitebits; a fast drying quality, non sticky and odour free formula.

Shoned will be one of our Speakers at the Lash Boss conference and will be nothing less than inspiring for all that are attending.

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Paulina Zielinska.jpg


Multi-Award Winning Lash Artist, London Lash Pro Trainer, Event Speaker and Judge

EVENT SPEAKER - How to retain clients

WORKSHOP HOST - How to win at Competitions

Paulina Zielinska is London Lash Pro trainer in Leeds.

Her career in the lash industry began in 2015 and she has been able within less than 4 years to master Classic and Russian Volume techniques. Paulina's goal is to share her knowledge and experience with the trainees. 

Paulina sees eyelash extensions as art and her biggest passion. It is a major part of her life and she wants to share that energy during her courses.  

She has been repeatedly voted the TOP LLP Trainer of the months by fellow professionals and won multiple lash competitions in the UK and abroad, constantly improving her qualifications to be able to offer students the best possible training.

Paulina holds an incredible amount of Awards and Achievements which she has gained throughout her career.

She will be delighted to be doing a talk and a workshop at the Lash Boss Conference. Her talk will be on Client Retention and a Workshop on Competitions.


2020 Judge on “lash diamonds” 

2020 Speaker at "Always Bonita Beauty"

2020 Judge on "Love4lashes"

2020 Judge on "The lash social UK"

2019 UK Mentor of the year 2019 by London Lash Pro

2019 Speaker at "Let's talk about lashes" Mexico

2019 Lash Games Competition - 3rd place classic expert 

2019 Lash Games Competition - 3rd place 2-3D expert

2019 Lash Social UK – 3rd place Expert Classic Lashes
2019 Professional Beauty London – 2nd place (Experts Classic Lashes) 

2018 London Lash Battle – 1st place in 2nd volume, Master Category

2018 London Lash Battle, Special prize for the “best distance from eyelid” 

2018 Strictly Come Lashes, 3rd place in 3-6 volume, expert category

2018 Lash Bulls, 2nd place in volume expert


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