Each box contains approx 160 Pre-made.

These are wide fans which create a soft, fluffy finish.

Our lashes are extremely fine and flexible. These are a great alternative to hand-made Russian Volume fans and are used by those who are only qualified in Classic Lash Extensions, or Russian Volume Artists, who want to reduce the speed of their sets.

These can be used by Classic Lash Technicians to offer Hybrid sets too. It is extremely important that you only apply one Freckle Pre-made fan to one natural lash, to avoid discomfort to the client when their natural lashes grow.

We are proud that our new Freckle packaging is made from cardboard, as we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use when making our Lash Trays. We hope you love them as much as us!


MIXED BOX contains: 2 x rows 8mm 3 x rows 9mm 3 x rows 10mm 3 x rows 11mm 3 x rows 12mm 2 x rows 13mm 1 x 4D 0.07

PLEASE NOTE: 8mm single trays are 3D fans


SINGLE BOX contains: 16 rows of the same length fans


1 x Freckle 4D 0.07 Pre-Made fan = 1 x 0.15 classic lash


Please accept that all of these pre-made fans are hand-made

by the manufacturers, therefore you may occasionaly get fans that are slightly inconsistent as they are not machine produced.


We will be expanding our range of lashes, so if there is something you would like to see, please pop us a message - we are here for YOU! xx For information on training courses and skill building workshops, please visit www.thebeautytraininggroup.co.uk

4D Pre-Made Volume Fans