The perfect storange solution for your flat palettes!

Each palette is perfect for placing strips of Eyelash Extensions on to help keep them organised and allow you to use each strip until the very last lash!

No need to continuously remove them and replace them in your lash tray - we all know they never re-stick and it drives you mad!


If you need to change curls, simply switch to another palette - saving you time too.


You can add velcro to the back and use each as a hand palette if you prefer, or you can place them beside you and work from your couch.


Easy to clean

You can even write your curl on the palette using a permanent marker


PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to use these palettes by placing them beside your client/on your couch, please be aware they are very lightweight. You may find the palette lifts as you peel the lash from the strip. Therefore, we advise you to stick the palette to a tile or something to weigh them down and keep them in place during use. Velcro will be included in your order, so you can choose to make a hand strap, or apply velcro to the back of each palette and place on a heavier tile. If you are unsure of anything, please contact us PRIOR to purchasing and we will be happy to help or explain further.

Storage box organiser with 5 flat palettes


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