Aftercare is so important when it comes to Eyelash Extensions. We all know clients may struggle to remember everything we tell them at their appointment, so these handy A5 forms, are great to add to their aftercare pack or at the end of their treatment, so they fully understand how to take care of their new lashes!


This is for a double-sided pack of 50 x A5 aftercare forms


The leaflet contains information on;

- Cleaning the lashes (why it is important to keep them clean)

- How to clean the lashes (including how to make home-made lash-poo with Baby Shampoo)

- Maintenance

- Aftercare instructions (do's and don'ts)

- Top-tips


*Please note, our NEW and UPDATED aftercare forms are slightly different to the picture, but contain the same information. They have recently been updated and we are pleased to be able to offer a much lower price too!

A5 Aftercare Forms x 50