It is extremely important you do a thorough consulation with EVERY client PRIOR to their treatment. We have put together these detailed double-sided A4 Client Consulation Forms & Record Card, which cover the following:

- Client Details

- Popular Contraindications relating to Lash treatments

- Declaration of understanding statement for client to agree to

- Client and Therapist Signature & Date

- Patch testing section

- Section to make a note of which length, curl and thickness of lashes you have used

- GDPR section at bottom with relavant tick boxes


These are double sided forms.

On the back, you have a full page record card to make a note of every appointment your client attends. It covers;

- Date

- Treatment

- Comments (we usually use this to write whether we have made changes to length, curl, thickness, or different lash lift treatment times for example)

- Price Charged

- Client initials

- Therpist initials


This is for 1 x pack of 50 A4 forms

*Please note these are currently on sale due to an annoying spelling mistake that was missed before printing! Conjunctivitus is missing the letter 'n'. Other than that, they're as good as new

A4 Consultation Forms - Pk 50

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